Patient Reviews

PAM: “Delightful. The staff made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during the appointment. I never thought that I could feel that way in a dentist chair”- 5 Stars

YAMSMIN: Dr. Hassanpour is a brilliant periodontist, and the excellent team at North York Periodontal Centre makes sure you have the best possible experience. I’ve had two gum grafts done here, and they were both done seamlessly. My gums look amazing – what a difference from before! Highly recommend Dr. Hassanpour, and the North York Periodontal Centre” – 5 stars

Sean: “My dentist highly recommend this office and I was very happy with the experience. The staff work so well together along with the doctor. Very welcoming environment. Very professional” – 5 Stars

Ludmila: Great office! Wonderful staff. It was a great experience from the moment I called to book a consultation till my last post-op appointment. Dr Safa really knows what she’s doing. I am a dental professional as well so I know what to look for in an office. Thanks Dr Safa and staff!” 5- stars

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